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AAPITA Caucus Affiliations

AAPITA Caucus supports and works in conjunction with various AAPI organizations. 

The Leadership Institute for Tomorrow (LIFT) is a one-year program created to mentor, coach, and LIFT a diverse group of professionals who want to progress as leaders in higher education. LIFT was created with new and emerging leaders in higher education, classified professionals, and first-generation higher education entry-level or higher management positions in mind. The program aims to help these individuals realize their full potential and grow their professional careers. 


Asian Pacific Americans in Higher Education (APAHE) was founded in 1987, during the height of a five-year fight against a series of discriminatory admission policy directed against Asian Pacific American applicants at the University of California, Berkeley, and several research universities across the nation. At a conference on the admission fight convened in Oakland, California, participants uniformly felt the need for an organization that would address issues affecting Asian Pacific American students, staff, faculty, and administrators. Up until then, there was no national or regional organization devoted to this purpose.


The National Asian Pacific Islander Council (NAPIC) was established in 2007 to provide a national body for Asian/Pacific Islander constituents of community colleges to have the opportunity to affiliate and identify in the interest of more effective education. As an affiliate organization of the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC), NAPIC is a non-profit, charitable, and educational organization. It is organized to operate for educational purposes, including access to quality education for Asian/Pacific Islanders, the enhancement of our pluralistic society, advocacy and policy, and the development of the nation’s total human resources.


The California Commission on Asian and Pacific Islander American Affairs (CAPIAA) elevates the political, economic, and social issues of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders by contributing to and strengthening how state government addresses the needs, issues, and concerns of the diverse and complex Asian American and Pacific Islander American communities.


The California Asian Pacific Islander Legislative Caucus represents and advocates for the interests of the diverse API communities throughout California. It seeks to increase Asian Pacific Islander participation and representation in all levels of government.


Our mission is to ensure the success of underserved AANHPI students by providing policy guidance, technical assistance, and by fostering partnerships with community colleges throughout the state. As the Central Office, FoundationCCC offers unparalleled flexibility to assist colleges in developing statewide collaborations, advocating for necessary resources, and delivering essential services through resources available within FoundationCCC and beyond. This groundbreaking legislation-protected program is set to transform the landscape of education for AANHPI students and marks a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to advance AANHPI initiatives within the California community colleges.


On May 28, 2021, President Joe Biden signed Executive Order 14031, "Advancing Equity, Justice, and Opportunity for Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders" to establish the White House Initiative on Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders (WHIAANHPI) and deliver on his commitment to reinstate and reinvigorate this historic Initiative.

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